How to Secure Pharmacy Technician CE Credits

Securing pharmacy technicians continuing education credits should not be a problem for pharmacy techs. A number of health care centers, and entities provides many of the credits needed to retain certification.  For techs who wish to take their C.E. credits online can enroll in one of the many programs offered online. Websites that offer students the ability to create an online account for the sole purpose of recertification makes it easy for student to complete their hours of study. The amount of C.E. credits needed may vary from state to state. Each pharmacy tech should follow up with their state, to ensure they are in compliance with the laws governing C.E. credits requirements.

The best way to secure pharmacy technician C.E. credits is to inquire at the place of employment. Many job sites have trainings set up for renewals and recertification for their employees. There is usually a listing posted in the lounge, or a memo that is circulating around the office, informing employers as to when the next class will be held. The tech must complete an average of 20 contact hours in any pharmacy related topic. The tech may also attend an approved college course to meet this requirement.

Of the twenty required hours, at least one hour must be in the area of pharmacy law. It is also possible to earn hours at the job site, if the job permits it. The pharmacist is responsible for arranging a special in-service training for at least ten of the required twenty needed for C.E. credits. If a college course is preferred, it should be in Life Science, or Math. All required continuing education credits earned within the two-year period. It is important to complete all hours and credits, before the expiration date, on the certificate. Pharmacy technicians should keep a list of all the classes they attend.

Keeping a file with the latest classes taken, and the number of hours completed is essential for documentation purposes. Pharmacy technicians can be randomly audited at any time. Having proper documentation of all the correspondence regarding the certification, renewal, and continuation of education should be filed properly and keep in a safe place. Credits should only be received in the area related to the pharmacy technician job. Normally any math course or natural science class will suffice. If credits are taken online, it is the tech responsibility to retrieve proper documentation as proof of completing a course for continuing education credits.


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I'm a nurse currently working in a local hospital here in Oregon but I have a plant to switch to health care education in the coming year.
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